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torture… August 29, 2009

Posted by Shalini in Blogging/Writing.
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Just to show you what I have to go through to sort out the comments, here are some priceless samples.

On an article I wrote about Le Marche supermarket opening in Oshiwara:

Submitted on 2008/08/05 at 10:19pm

hi i am in bahrain now.my house in jogeshwari . can you sent me your food item price list.and i want to order to my credit card from here
its possibli please advice .

On numerous posts about retail jobs:

Submitted on 2008/07/30 at 12:09pm

i am interested to join reliance fresh in a to z dept….


Submitted on 2008/06/23 at 11:29am

please sir job me

And so my quest to week out the odd comments and spam continues on….


hello, hello! August 29, 2009

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Yes, long time no see, but if you open too many blogs that’s what happens. This was my retail blog and it was well focused just on retail, but the problem is that I was never able to keep up with the comments and questions and requests for information, especially when all the information was right there in the blog post. I found it so funny that most of the commentators thought I was the owner of the retail companies that I was writing about! Well, that would be quite a day!

The thing is that I love using the WP platform, but all these other things were just such a pain to deal with, that the blog kind of got abandoned for a while, well, quite a long while. Today, I’ve come to sort out the comments and stuff and I see that I have 450 comments waiting to be approved. I’m sorting through them page by page and hopefully will get them all done today.

As for the future of this blog, well, I really don’t know about that. Let’s see what happens!

getting rid of office paper July 21, 2008

Posted by Shalini in Marketing.

As businesses grow, they collect a lot of information that doesn’t always need to be there in the physical sense. It’s really not possible to toss it into the trash or try to shred it on the office shredder, so the answer is to use a specialized shredding company like this Shredding Houston company. What is really unique about this company is that they offer on-site shredding, so they will come to you and take care of all the shredding that is required right then and there.

There are lots of companies that offer similar services, but this Houston paper shredding company is known for its individualized service and attention to detail. All companies collect documents of all types, especially tax papers and miscellaneous company files and it’s not always a good idea to keep a physical copy for the sake of information alone. Just the question of identity theft raises too many security issues. This Houston document destruction company promises to take care of all that is required to solve these issues.

Last, but not least, this is the most environmentally friendly way of disposing of your paper from the office as well. For local businesses, often the issue is to support a locally owned company from the Houston area. Since it is the only one that uses state-of-the-art machinery to pulverize the paper, it’s also the most effective.

drowning in comments July 21, 2008

Posted by Shalini in Blogging/Writing.
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Ok, I am totally and completely submerged under a sea of comments each time I come to blog here. I have just not been able to keep up with them, try as I might. I certainly cannot reply to each and every one of them, especially since the answers to the questions are already posted in the blog and all I end up doing is repeating myself again and again. Oh dear, I really never thought I would ever be so overwhelmed by having too many comments. It’s a good thing to have comments, but it’s a hard thing to keep track of them, especially when there are so many.

I’m flattered of course, that people think that I own the companies that I write about….ha, ha just imagine if I owned Reliance or was the HR manager there, would I really be blogging! I’m super flattered to get job offers here as well, but seriously I’m not really interested right now. Thanks for your interest though. Before commenting and asking the same questions over and over again, search the archives of the blog and you are sure to get your answer. Also I will not approve your comments if you start to spam me or post your entire resume as a comment. I assure you, that’s not what my comment box is for.

All I can say is, I love comment moderation!

The right kind of help June 10, 2008

Posted by Shalini in Marketing.
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As a retail and consumer analyst, I often get asked about different career fields that are likely to see an increase in demand. The field that is going to see a lot of movement is that of healthcare. This field is going to see a radical increase in the number of jobs as well as in prestige. As the Baby Boomer generation continues to expand, there will be an increasing demand for healthcare analytics, specific solutions for the health care of the Baby Boom generation and health care financing, and healthcare management.

Companies like MedeFinance who handle all the financial dealings and provide web based analytical software for healthcare solutions companies, will definitely see a boost. As Mede is one of the leading companies who provide business intelligence, they will likely be at the forefront of the changes that will take place. Their systems ensure that healthcare companies are able to run a successful business on all fronts, and manage everything from lawsuits to bad debts and much more. In the and, both providers and users will end up with a better system.

More on commenting June 10, 2008

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I’ve been getting tons of comments on all of my blog posts, but most of them are either asking me for information that is already in the post or are looking for information that is easily available on the Internet. I am always happy to get feedback from readers, but lately all the comments are only about asking me for a job or an address or for the VP of a company. Just because 200 people ahead of you have asked me for a job, does not mean that I actually will do so. I do not work for Reliance, Bharti, Subhiksha or any other retailer and have no contact with them whatsoever to get you a job or to place your products or to rent your premises. Please do contact them directly at the addresses and telephone numbers and websites that I have listed. Other than that, enjoy reading, do give some feedback and discuss the events in the retail industry.

The art of creating the right displays June 1, 2008

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Trades hows these days are a world apart from the way they used to be. Things have become so much more technically advanced that there are so many more options now. Everything from table covers to displays are available at Camelback Displays and have changed quite radically from before. I was really impressed with the kind of variety that is now available in creating perfect trade show exhibits that were not possible before.

So, if you want to have your logo done, then it is definitely a simple task for the folks at Camelback, since they are the experts at it. I remember the travel and hospitality trade show i attended some time back, which had the most amazing displays and set ups that you could imagine would be possible. Everything from double story platforms, table top displays, water features, laser light displays etc were there and created quite a unique and different feel from the regular trade show kind of displays. The interesting thing is that they should not be limited to just trade shows, but can also be used for a variety of other functions and seminars, for church functions and so on.

The key to sales this season: low prices June 1, 2008

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Retailers are looking for ways to lure customers into buying their products and the key seems to be to use price, as everyone is looking save a bit of money where ever they can. Discount retailers who are accustomed to following such tactics are using circulars, coupons and the Internet to emphasize on the price factor. Target has been emphasizing the “pay less” part of its “Expect more, pay less” slogan and is using its low prices to compete with Wal-Mart. According to spokeswoman of Target, Lena Michaud, “We want to make sure that people know that our everyday prices are competitive and are highlighting this in our weekly cir­culars and in end-cap displays”.

In its co-op mailings with partner Val­pak, Wal-Mart has increased its marketing efforts and has been focusing its messag­ing on price. “Consumers are trying to find ways to save money and stretch their dollars, and discount retailers are responding by pushing low prices,” said Amy King, VP of business intelligence and marketing research at Valpak. “We have seen Wal-Mart specifically pushing price in its marketing message.”

Sears and Kmart, other Valpak clients, are also tugging at tightened purse strings with coupon offers. “For the first time in 16 years, coupon redemption is up,” King noted, despite lagging returns on other print material. According to Dave Hendricks, EVP of operations at Datran Media, discounters are actively launching “winback” cam­paigns online.

Opting for a lump sum payment June 1, 2008

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Structured settlements are becoming an important alternative method of periodic payments these days. What a lot of people are doing is trading their structured settlement future payments for a lump sum amount of cash for now. So, in essence it is possible to sell future payments for ready cash. How the concept of structured settlement works is the Settlement Quotes finds 6 quotes for a lump sum amount from different companies who are competing to provide the best offer.

What the company is trying to do on a larger scale is to create a large network or such settlement funding companies who will then be able to offer much better rates to consumers. Most structured settlements are due to personal injury lawsuits, which are usually not awarded in one go, and consumers who want cash for structured settlement in one go are now able to do so thanks to such companies. It’s a good idea to read up a bit about a sell settlement system if you’re not sure how it works and if you would like to opt for it.

iPod time! June 1, 2008

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I was supposed to get an iPod quite some time back, but never quite got around to it. Well, the time is finally here I think, high time don’t you think, and I’ll be getting an iPod and a Bose sound dock this week. I’ve avoided the concept of iPods for ages since I was just never keen on using ear plugs or headphones, but with the sound dock, it’s a completely different ballgame. So, I have been researching a bit and figuring out what is the best iPod to get, where to buy it from, although the price seems to differ very little in the stores that I have gone to. So far so good, and I’m looking forward to having my iPod by next week.